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About the Designer

Since my teen years, I have studied and worked in various design fields. In later years, I designed landscapes and gardens for almost twenty years in the Harford County, Maryland area. For ten years after that, I worked for a non-profit organization designing newsletters, websites, and advertising pieces. From 2006, I have been designing gemstone bead jewelry. I'm always looking for new gemstone beads and new and interesting methods of designing jewelry with them.

About the Designs

This website includes a wide variety of jewelry designs from single strand bead necklaces and chains to multi-strand styles. Many of the strands can be combined for the multi-strand look which is so popular right now. It also includes items such as handbag, boot, and ankle chains.

About the Metals

Here, I'm using everything but sterling silver and gold filled metals. You'll find plated chains, leather, suede, and faux materials. Also, the chains often have a base of steel and after the color is added, a protective coating is applied making the chain very durable.

About the Beads

Natural Gemstones are my favorite beads and that's what I mostly use. You'll also find many man-made beads includiing beads from Jesse James Beads which can be demure or very loud and boisterus. Specialty glass beads from Czechoslovakia are high on my list of important beads to use. Each bead has its use and I try to use it appropriately, but sometimes, I like to beads in unusual ways. So watch out!

How to Purchase

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