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This website includes a wide variety of jewelry designs as well as metals including steel, silver and gold plate. Also, a variety of natural and man-made materials may show up including chain, leather, suede, faux suede, wire wrapping, and many others. So, come back often to see what I've been up to!


Necklace and Earring Set - high grade Lapis lazuli round beads, Bali Silver and Sterling Silver components. Earrings have upgrade SS leverbacks - 1278N-E - N=18.5 inches - $94.00/set.

Necklace and Earring Set - necklace has large rectangular gemstone beads in Amazonite and Black Onyx as well as a beautiful Amazonite leaf pendant. It also has Sterling Silver spacer beads and an unusual oval sterling silver toggle. Earrings have Sterling Silver leverbacks and components and Amazonite round gemstones - 1346N-E - N=17.5 inches - $145.00/set.

Necklace and Earring Set - necklace uses smooth large and smaller faceted round Smoky Quartz gemstones along with Sterling Silver spacer beads. Earrings have Sterling Silver leverbacks and components and faceted smoky quartz round gemstones. 1349N-E - N=18.5 inches - $115.00/set.

Necklace and Earring Set - necklace with Tigerseye and Freshwater Pearl beads with 3 Tigerseye briolettes as pendants. Earrings with Tigers Eye, Freshwater pearls, and upgraded to SS leverbacks - 1351N-E - N=18 inches - $79.00/set.

Necklace, Bracelet and Earring Set - necklace uses pale pink Rhodochrosite gemstones along with Sterling Silver tube and round beads and toggle. Bracelet also uses pale pink Rhodochrosite gemstones, Sterling Silver beads and toggle clasp. Earrings upgraded to SS leverbacks and have pale pink Rhodochrosite gemstones. 1620N-B-E - N=25 inches - $176.00/set.

Necklace and Earring Set - necklace has beautiful African Aventurine with lovely sparkles of mica, Black Onyx gemstones as well as fine TierraCast beads and toggle. The earrings have sterling silver leverbacks as well as oval African Aventurine gemstones. 0166N-E - N=25 inches - $148/set.

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